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6.1.1 Simple periodic inspections of the tank installation can prevent problems and chemical loss from occurring. Inspection intervals should be consistent with site usage (the more times liquid is processed through the tank site, the more frequent the inspections). The checking procedure should be as follows:

  1. Inspect the tank for physical damage such as cuts, impacts, cracks, swelling, softening of tank walls, and stress cracks (caused by long term exposure to environmental conditions and stress). NOTE: An "Environmental Stress Inspection Kit" may be obtained for tank inspections and analysis through the Customer Service Department at SIERRA SALES INCORPORATED.
  2. Inspect the fittings for broken parts, cracks, wear marks, or other signs of potential leaks.
  3. Inspect gaskets for deterioration. Look for discoloration, bulges, checking or crazing. All of these symptoms could indicate potential failure.
  4. Inspect any valves and/ or pumps that may be connected to the tank. Also inspect the hoses and connections for any signs of wear.

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