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Polyethylene Upright Tanks

Sierra Sales 12,000 gallon poly HDPE, flat bottom dish top, poly upright (or vertical )bulk storage tanks, one of four delivered to a waste treatment plant in New York. Tank design is for 1.9 specific gravity, 141" diameter and 192" high. The vessels are constructed of HDPE, high density polyethylene. HDPE is both repairable and recyclable. You don't need crosslinked polyethylene (HDXLPE) anymore! Be environmentally correct and purchase a recyclable poly tank!

PE tanks can be used successfully in a wide variety of liquid and dry storage and handling applications.

PE tanks can be designed for use with many of the most corrosive liquids such as sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, hydrofluoric acid and sodium hypochlorite.

The Chlorine Institute, Inc., Pamphlet 96 titled SODIUM HYPOCHLORITE MANUAL, Edition 2, May 2000, Section 6.2, Storage Containers, Subsection, Materials of Construction, paragraph c), reads:

"Sodium hypochlorite users and manufacturers have had success with high density linear polyethylene tanks, however, high density cross-linked polyethylene should not be used. Vertical stress cracking has been experienced with the cross-linked polyethylene storage tanks in this service."

This has, and continues to be Sierra Sales's, and Sierra Sales's customers' experiences. Don't believe all the cross-linky stuff! Sierra Sales offers a better warranty along with better pricing for this service. Order Pamphlet 96 at this site see for yourself!

The vessels, both the poly vertical tank and the poly containment basin, were ordered and delivered via "hot-shot" with less than two weeks lead time. With low overhead Sierra Sales's sales team was able to save the private community a substantial amount of hard earned bucks and make a "timely" delivery. This customer already has plans to "come back for more!" The poly tank and poly containment basin were more than satisfactory!

The poly vessels, both the poly vertical tank and the poly containment basin, above were put into service storing sodium hypochlorite at 17% and were warranteed for three [3] years by the manufacturer. "Safetanks" ships this configuration daily throughout the United States. Or, purchase a poly safe double wall tank for limited space applications.

The polyethylene upright chemical storage tank was used to "feed" the water treatment equipment systems. The poly tank was also used as a "filling station" to load plastic IBCs for shipment to smaller facilities. The all plastic ibcs used were square stackables and Snyder Industries' 550 gal Megatainers (the worlds' largest all plastic IBCs).

The all plastic ibcs were all UN and DOT/HM approved for "over the road" transportation of hazardous materials. The all plastic 550 gal Megatainer IBCs are versatile and lightweight, the industry's largest poly (all plastic) IBC. These plastic ibcs systems are dependable transportation for bulk chemicals with reduced shipping and handling costs. All Snyder's plastic IBCs are suitable for both hazardous and nonhazardous liquids.

Read about our poly containment basins and "safe" double wall, self-contained covered, plastic chemical storage tanks!

More detailed information about Snyder's quality plastic IBCs can be found on our IBCs url. A catalog featuring a complete line of all plastic IBCs will be sent if you need more information. We also supply the worlds' largest selection of poly cone bottom tanks, conical, poly vertical tanks, upright, open tops, elliptical, and safe polyethylene double wall tanks and systems. We stock the worlds' largest configuration of poly containment basins in HDPE and HDXLPE; high density polyethylene and crosslink polyethylene or crosslinked polyethylene. You cannot find a larger selection of poly tanks anywhere!

Download the Sierra Sales Specification for Polyethylene Upright Storage Tanks here or view the Sierra Sales Specification here.

Your engineering and purchasing personnel will like the way we do business. Straight forward, honest, and working for you at a lower profit margin than our competition. Check out our tank Warranty

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