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A Tank Outlet System Which Lets You Keep Your Money!

Maximum drainage, ease of installation, longer tank life….all at a cost that’s less than that for a standard fitting package.

Maximum drainage
Using standard bulkhead fittings as outlets for vertical storage tanks can leave as much as 9” of liquid at the bottom of the tank. That means the tank is keeping your product AND your money. With the SUMO outlet, you get maximum tank drainage so the product gets to your customer. It also helps reduce unscheduled maintenance downtime due to the build-up of sediment.

Ease of Installation
Because SUMO is molded into the tank, pipe and fitting assembly is also easier, with no secondary siphon tube assembly required.
  Longer Tank Life
With other polyethylene tank full drainage outlets, additional flange connections are required. With the SUMO, you eliminate this cost by piping directly into it. A molded-in outlet also reduces the stress on the tank caused by cutting and bolting. This means you’ll save even more money since your tank will last longer. More importantly, you avoid having resin which is not fully cured in the area of the tank that is most stressed. And if the SUMO fitting is damaged for any reason, it can be repaired. This further extends tank life.

U.S. Patent #5374026
SUMO is a registered trademark of Snyder Industries.

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