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Polyethylene Cone Bottom Tanks

Polyethylene tanks in all configurations. Poly upright, vertical, cone bottoms, conical, horizontal and horizontal leg tanks. We also supply containment and double wall environmentally safe poly chemical storage tanks. Our tanks are rotomolded in hdpe, high density polyethylene, hdxlpe, crosslinked poly, and polypro, polypropylene. We have poly cone bottom tanks as small as 10 gallons up to 11,500 gallons. WOW!

Capacity of our poly tanks range from a couple of gallons to the worlds largest rotomolded, seamless, polyethylene, poly vertical bulk storage, 16,500 gallons! Our safe polyethylene double wall tank systems is the leader in self contained poly tanks.

Poly containment basins can be supplied for any vessel supplied by our staff. And, we always offer a poly safe tank system when the product being stored is hazardous in any way. For your transportation needs, our plastic IBCs are the worlds' finest. Including the worlds' largest all plastic IBCs, Snyder Industries' 550 gal all plastic Megatainer IBCs.

Our sales personnel will configure the proper poly tank to meet your bulk chemical storage requirement and your space limitations, quickly, accurately. Need containment in limited space? Our safe poly double wall self-contained systems are the industry's best! Read about our poly containment basins and our "safe" double wall, self-contained, covered containment tanks.

You can't locate a supplier that can deliver any poly tank as quickly as Sierra Sales does! We do it right the first time, every time! Parts, repairs, installation? Give us a call! You'll know you came to the right place! Read about all the plastic rotomolded poly tank materials.

Virtually ALL of Sierra Sales's customers are "repeat" customers. Quality, Service, Delivery, and Pricing. Sierra Sales will relate an "understanding" to your process personnel and, if required, invite you to meet with the various manufacturers Sierra Sales represents. We work with the manufacturers to give you exactly what your process requires.

Given the opportunity to quote engineering process supplies for your project, or day to day maintenance, Sierra Sales can walk you through selection right up to delivery of your polyethylene (poly) tanks, piping, valves, and jacketing. If required, Sierra Sales's line of IBC's can move your finished product over the highways. Sierra Sales's totes and plastic IBCs are UN Tagged. Ready to go! Look at our 550 gallon all plastic Megatainer IBCs!

Linear polyethylene tanks are rototationally molded in one piece, seamless construction. HDPE tanks can be used indoors or outdoors; UV Inhibitors are added to the resin before the vessel is molded. How do rotationally molded PE tanks compare to fiberglass-reinforced plastic (FRP) tanks?

Advantages of tanks produced from rotationally molded polyethylene (PE) over tanks produced with FRP include: greater impact resistance, a homogeneous wall, better weatherability, a broader range of chemical resistance, and lower cost. Advantages over mild steel and stainless steel include: better stress-crack resistance in mobile applications due to stress-free construction, a broader range of chemical resistance, seamless wall construction, more economical site preparation and installation and a lower price in many cases. PE also does not dent. Take a closer look at our poly upright tanks.

Sierra's Cone Bottom Tanks: From Sulfuric Acid to Food Processing in Sizes

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