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XLPE with linear liner (delamination example).

Sulfuric Acid to 98% Concentration
HDLPE resin # 880046, natural in color, 1.9 specific gravity, 600 psi, meets
ASTM D1998-97 standards and is warranted for a
for storage at ambient temperatures.

The resin is a "true" high density linear resin. The higher the density, the better the chemical resistance. Unlike other tank manufacturers who try to achieve the same results using a linear LOW density liner in an XLPE storage tank, Sierra Sales uses the better material FOR THE WHOLE TANK, providing much higher tensile strength and greater chemical resistance.

Additional advantages over lined tanks: You don't have the potential problems of total coverage of the liner material over the XLPE material during processing and, delamination as a result of the constant filling and emptying processes associated with storage tanks in general. Our HDLPE resins have a higher density and a higher tensile strength than Phillips Marlex XLPE, the most recognized XLPE in the industry.

Don't get caught with your liner down, specify our "true" high density linear polyethylene. Not a chance of product getting between the XLPE vessel and the liner. Whether you're in the water treatment, pulp and paper, or chemical processing industry, the .942 density HDLPE will provide a cost effective alternative for storing corrosive chemicals.

The performance of a rotationally molded PE tank is dependent not only on the materials used but, also on the manufacturing process. Only one reason why our QC program is the most rigorous in the industry - to insure every tank is built to last!

For out-of-doors service our HDLPE 880059, opaque white resin, was designed specifically for storing NaOCl. Resin 880059 opacity prevents UV rays from attacking the sodium hypochlorite while its white color reflects the sunlight harmful UV rays. Reducing exposure to these decomposition catalysts means longer shelf life for your NaOCl. No product leaking behind cracked or delaminated liner material and unlike fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) tanks, no wicking in our homogeneous tank walls, consistent corrosion resistance throughout the tank. HDLPE tanks also have excellent impact resistance, which minimizes damage to the tank during shipping and installation.

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