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Horizontal IBC's

Lower packaging and shipping cost can boost the profitability of high volume, low margin commodity chemical transportation. The Megatainer's large, versatile and lightweight portable tank design allows almost any shipper to transport bulk liquids more cost effectively without jeopardizing safety or the environment.

The Megatainer is the industry's largest polyethylene IBC that's suitable for both hazardous and non-hazardous liquids. Like Sierra Sales's other popular bulk containers, Megatainers are constructed of 1/2" thick rotationally molded polyethylene providing superior impact strength and resistance.

The Megatainer's design can handle liquid capacities up to 550 gallons.That's 10 fifty five gallon drums! That's equal to two 275 gallon IBC's! That is a lot of product.

Lightweight construction helps maximize weight efficiencies in most transportation vehicles while its engineering makes the most of available space. In addition the Megatainer can easily be handled by forklift trucks and top lifting crane or hoisting equipment. If you need this capability be sure to add lifting bars to your purchase order.

Numerous options make the Megatainer ideal in a wide range of situations. Choose from pressure and vacuum relief devices, draw tubes, MSDS/placard holders, hose assemblies, alternative valves and gasket materials.

The Megatainer is UN/DOT certified (UN 31H2 and/or HM-181E). The certification is molded into the containers wall ensuring long-term legibility.

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