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Open Top Tank, Accessories and Options

Mixer Mount Assembly
A unique mixer mount design can be adjusted to change mixer height for a variety of applications.

Replaceable/Disposable Liner System
Patented bottom drain/liner interface ensures full drainage of material, and eliminates the need to clean before refilling new batch material.

Hinged Lid Assembly
Allows access to tank interior without having to remove entire lid. Stonger all plastic hinge provides more reliable service and protection from dust and debris.

Tie Down Strapping
Better secures tank to stand in mobile applications, or permanent stationary installations requiring seismic restraining capabilities.

Bolted and Sealed Lid
Lid is secure from easy opening and sealed with a gasket to prevent material seepage.

Total Drainage Fittings
Welded and mechanically fastened fittings can be installed on the bottom of tanks to provide complete drainage while sitting on stands.

Closed Top Verticals
All batch tank sizes displayed on opposite page are available in a closed top design with a manway installed on top of the tank.

Other Fitting Options
All applicable SIERRA SALES Incorporated fitting accessories are available with the new batch tank system product line. Click here to visit
tank parts website.

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