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For many years, rotational molding has proven to be the ideal method of producing a seamless, one-piece poly tank that minimizes the risk of leaking.  In addition, polyethylene tanks because of their excellent corrosion resistance and chemical compatibility is the ideal material for on-site applications.  And when properly molded, polyethylene tanks can readily endure the stresses imposed by installation and burial loads.

These poly tanks incorporate a "new concept" of design to further enhance the leak proof properties of the poly tank and improve the structure to minimize deformation of the poly tank and maximize poly tank life.

The result is NuConSept, the best performing poly on-site tank available in the marketplace.  Review the following list to see why NuConSept, is the growing choice for on-site applications.

Parabolic design.
  • One-piece seamless construction - NuConSept poly tanks are rotationally-molded to resist leaking and cracking better than concrete and fiberglass.  Unlike other materials, poly tanks will not rust or corrode and require no additional coating.
  • Superior chemical resistance - Polyethylene in an inert material unaffected by chemicals in the soil or by chemicals and gases generated by wastewater.
  • Extra strength design - Sierra NuConSept Poly tanks combine aggressive rib design with a special parabolic shape.  This provides structural strength not found in other on-site polyethylene tanks.
  • Better impact resistance - Superior to fiberglass in resisting shipping, handling and installation damage.
  • Structurally superior poly double-wall manhole covers* are standard - in  addition, extensions and lid/riser combinations are available to bring tank access to grade
  • Easier to install - Lighter weight means less heavy equipment and manpower.  Easy to haul in a pick-up and install at hard-to-reach sites.  Ideal for do-it-yourself installation.
  • Leak proof seal - Improved design features ensure  a leak proof seal of the lid or manhole extension to the manhole of the tank*.  This prevents ground water from entering the tank and causing premature failure of the leach field.
  • Ready for installation - Each septic poly tank is shipped with schedule 40 PVC inlet and outlet tees.
  • Reinforced manhole* - Special molded-in reinforcement ring resists deformation
  • Anti-flotation design features
  • Isolated tubulations for inlet and outlet* - aids in sewer line to tank connections

*Patent application in process

24" diameter manhole features a raised ring and multiple sealing surfaces to virtually eliminate water infiltration.

Lids have a super-strong poly double-wall design, with tamper resistant safety lock.


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