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Ultratainer's revolutionary all plastic IBC design combines the superior structural integrity of a cylindrical or upright poly tank with the material handling benefits of square all plastic IBCs. The result is an all plastic poly IBC construction which is virtually indestructible. These Ultratainer all plastic IBCs are well suited for handling heavy materials up to 1.9 specific gravity (over 15 pounds per gallon).

  • Top Protector helps align the all plastic IBCs in stacked position and also protects top openings.
  • Four-way forklift and pallet jack entry base make these all plastic IBCs compatible with most material handling equipment.
  • 6" heavy-duty screw cap and seal exceed U.N. and D.O.T. test requirements for all plastic IBCs.
  • Cylindrical inner poly tank provides superior structural integrity that eliminates side wall bulging and makes this all plastic IBCs cleanout easier.
  • 100% F.D.A. & U.S.D.A. approved, polyethylene tank construction resists corrosion and environmental stress, and provides superior impact strength. This all plastic IBC is recognized as the worlds' best all plastic IBC.

Ultratainer (With 6" Cap) Specifications   Ultratainer Options


Tare Weight




  • Retractable top-lifting lugs for hoist and crane hook attachments are available for all our all plastic IBCs.
  • Stacked discharge system allows top poly tank to gravity-feed bottom all plastic IBCs poly tanks.
  • Anti-teeter bars provide added security in rugged, forklift handling applications for these all plastic IBCs.
  • Food grade valve material constructions. The poly tanks in our all plastic IBCs are FDA approved.
  • Top draw tube assemblies.
  • Pressure/Vacuum relief devices.
  • UV "black out" pigment available for all our all plastic IBCs.
  • Alternative gasket, valve and fitting material constructions.
  • Ultra-pure fitting connection points.
  • Micro Matic, GPI & Scienco pump mount adapters.
  • Placard/document holders.

330 gals

309 lbs




275 gals

289 lbs




220 gals

268 lbs




  • Test pressure rating: 14.7 P.S.I.G.
  • Material weight rating for the Ultratainer all plastic IBCs: 1.9 SPGR.
  • Ultratainer all plastic IBCs stacking capacity: 2-3 units (depending on container size, weight, & temperature).
  • Patent #5,490,603
  • Patent #4,847,028
  • Other patents pending for the Ultratainer all plastic IBCs.

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