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Wine Master Product Collection Plastic Portable Tanks Steel Portable Tanks and Bulk Storage Tanks

Wine Master Product Collection includes Plastic Portable Tanks, Steel Portable Tanks, Wine barrel racking systems, and Bulk Storage Tanks.
We can help you improve the function, economics and performance of your company's wine handling systems.
Steel Barrel Rack Safety Issues and Product Weaknesses Acknowledged By Manufacturer and Customers!

Patents: US D628,355 S and US D628,354 S and US D628,353 S

Rack-Master provides a cost effective barrel racking solution with an unlimited useful life that does not require the routine maintenance and refurbishing expenses associated with the corrosion attack on metal barrel racking systems.  Rack-Master's 100% polyethylene construction provides a sanitary, lightweight barrel racking system that is built to withstand the rigors of fork handling abuse and still maintain an appealing aesthetic appearance.  Rack-Master maximizes barrel oxygen exposure by limiting barrel contact points.  Rack-Master is 100% recyclable, eliminating bone-yards of damaged or obsolete steel barrel racks that require disposal or refurbishing services, helping to control your company costs, and protecting the environment.

  • Seamless one-piece HDPE design - no weld joints or areas to trap bacteria..
  • 100% Recyclable - more environmentally responsible.
  • Corrosion resistant - no more refurbishing or repainting required; reduced maintenance costs.
  • Superior impact strength - no more denting or chipping.
  • Smooth plastic surface - no more barrel damage; reduced coefficient of friction with barrel surface.
  • Maximizes barrel oxygen exposure - limits barrel contact points, promoting airflow around barrel.
  • 7" forklift channels optimize handling and clearance between stacked barrels.
  • Lightweight construction - reduced transportation costs and cellar labor

Batch Tank Systems

100% HDLPE material construction provides long lasting, corrosion-resistant tank systems with maximum options for batch mixing, storage, and material handling. The unique patented stand leg design provides strength and accessibility for forklift handling when tanks are full and empty.  Tanks are available in flat or conical bottom configurations with multiple fitting/accessory options.

Be it wine fermentation, maturation,  storage, or barrel racking, we can provide a container solution for your application: is the only supplier to the wine industry that manufactures both stainless and plastic container systems, providing wine makers with more vessel options in producing all types of wines

Bulk Barrels



While allowing the right amount of valuable oxygen molecules to permeate the vessel's sidewall, Bulk Barrel's unique proprietary design is virtually impermeable to water and alcohol vapor, which eliminates the leaking and routine topping requirements associated with oak barrel maturation.

The seamless one-piece interior construction is much easier to clean and sanitize before reuse which eliminates the routine repair and maintenance costs created by aging oak barrels.

Best of all, Bulk Barrel provides superior wine maturation at half the acquisition cost of oak barrels with an indefinite useful life.





Whether it's wine storage, or fermentation, Winetainer has a stainless solution, including a dimpled heat transfer surface to facilitate targeted cooling objectives. All standard Winetainer products come equipped with a food grade interior weld finish.

304 Stainless steel construction, in standard sizes ranging fro 120 - 790 gallons.


corrosion and Chemical Resistant Polyethylene and  Fiberglass Tanks

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